Contact with nature during childhood could lead to better mental health in adulthood

Adults who were in close contact with nature during their childhood could have a better mental health than those who had less contact, according to a recently published study by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal).The study, published in the International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health, was performed within the framework of the PHENOTYPE project with data from almost 3,600 adults from Barcelona (Spain), Doetinchem (Netherlands), Kaunas (Lithuania) and Stoke-on-Trent (United Kingdom).
The […]

Two hours a week: key dose of nature for health and wellbeing

Spending at least two hours a week in nature may be a crucial threshold for promoting health and wellbeing, according to the recently published results of a large-scale research led by the University of Exeter, United Kingdom.

It found that people who spend at least two hours in nature a week are significantly more likely to report good health and higher psychological wellbeing than those who don’t visit nature at all during an average week. […]

Nature–Based Interventions for improving health and wellbeing

On 10 June 2019 the result of a Delphi expert elicitation process with 19 experts from seven countries was executed to identify the different forms that nature-based interventions (NBIs) take, the potential health outcomes and the target beneficiaries. In total, 27 NBIs were identified, aiming to prevent illness, promote wellbeing and treat specific physical, mental or social health and wellbeing conditions.

The nature-based interventions were broadly categorized into those that change the environment in which […]

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Nature For Health in nieuw jasje

Na vijf jaar succesvol pionieren als Nature Assisted Health Foundation (NAHF), gaan we vanaf heden verder onder de naam Nature For Health (NFH). We hebben niet alleen een nieuwe naam, maar ook een nieuw ‘jasje’ in de vorm van een nieuwe huisstijl en logo. Ons motto is Naturally Healthy Together.

Onze koers is uitgezet in het NFH bedrijfsplan 2019-2022. De doelstelling is ongewijzigd: het bevorderen van de kwaliteit van leven en leefomgeving door het verbinden van […]

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Nature For Health partner van Green Deal Duurzame Zorg

In mei 2019 is Nature For Health toegetreden als partij bij de Green Deal Duurzame Zorg. Wij dragen in het bijzonder via Pijler IV (een gezond makende leef- en werk omgeving) bij aan de implementatie van deze Green Deal, onder meer via:

Delen van ervaringen met GD partners inzake het samenwerken met bewonersinitiatieven en wijken op het vlak van ‘Groen voor Gezondheid’, en het doen van aanbevelingen voor beleid van overheden, waaronder gemeenten, van zorgsector en […]

“This is how distance from nature is affecting our health”

Ephrat Livni wrote an interesting article – published on 1 March 2019 on the website of the World Economic Forum – about how (the lack of) nature is affecting our health, including mental health.
She states: “You’ve got problems. Perhaps more than you know. Apart from all the usual woes—work, relationships, money, time—the civilized life may also be causing you psychological trauma.
Disconnection from nature can be bad for our mental health. But there was no name […]

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