Nature For Health is pleased to welcome NFH Youth Ambassador Clara Jeanroy. Clara is University student, of Sorbonne University and currently of Wageningen University & Research.

She was intern at the French Natural History Museum in Paris and at IUCN, conducing projects for the IUCN Urban Alliance and the NatureForAll Youth Champion initiative for the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2020. She is also member of IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication (CEC).

For Clara’s study in Wageningen University she wrote a paper on “prepare the future: nature conservation and child development in urban environments”.

While reflecting on her role as youth ambassador for Nature For Health, Clara stated:

“ The French philosopher Voltaire once said “Let nature be your first physician. It is she who made all.” These words still resonate and inspire today to change the shape of human environments and promote health and nature conservation. I strongly believe strengthening our relationship to the natural world both physically and mentally is the key to a healthier and more sustainable future. It is therefore a great privilege and a thrilling opportunity to be able to work on these objectives with NFH as their youth ambassador!”

Among the first of Clara’s activities as NFH Youth Ambassador is to advise on the importance of nature for the health of young people, including young expats, and being involved in the international activities for the healing landscape theme of the  Landscape Triennial 2021.