Nature For Health (NFH) has taken the initiative to prepare the conference with the working title “Naturally Healthy Together – the power of green spaces”, together with other interested parties, for the second half of 2022 (most probably in The Netherlands). For this purpose NFH is in contact with the Green City Foundation (Stichting Groene Stad) and IUCN-The World Conservation Union.

The significance of nature for health is crucial and invaluable for our modern society. Green spaces offers inspiration and are  the starting point for a new approach to health, care and well-being. Nature is good for people’s health. Nature helps us to relax physically and to reflect on the quality of life. Nature provides inspiration and proves to be an effective medicine for a wide spectrum of disorders. Nature makes us more human together. Through this two-day international conference, Nature For Health wants to contribute to the social agenda of this theme, also in the light of the lessons learned during the corona crisis.

The initiator sees the theme of “healthy together naturally” as an essential part of the social transition processes that are currently taking place at local, national and international level and that are guiding a more inclusive and participatory society, in particular in urban environments. In addition, the relationship between nature and health is increasingly receiving the appreciation it deserves. The corona crisis has put the relationship between health and nature on the international agenda even more prominently. The lockdown allowed us to rediscover nature.

The initiator is committed to putting this theme in the spotlight much more socially as part of these social innovation processes. This mission requires active cooperation in preparing the conference with a large number of people and organizations.

In terms of target groups for this conference, the focus is on the one hand on reaching regional partnerships, municipalities and local communities. On the other hand, the intention is to appeal to companies and organizations that operate in the sectors of health and welfare, green maintenance, agriculture and horticulture, and nature and landscape management and education.

The conference will also take place as an elaboration of the “WHO Manifesto for a healthy recovery from COVID-19”, in which the protection of nature is one of the main priorities. The conference will also contribute to the implementation of the new #EU4Health Program, the new EU Biological Diversity Strategy and the Health Policy Memorandum 2020 – 2024 of the Dutch government.

Interested in joining? Contact us at or (+31) (06) 53691866