(Here you will find some information in the English language.  In the near future we will work on the English version of the NFH website)

 Naturally Health Together

After 5 years of existence, NFH will move the pioneer phase to the next phase in its life and prioritize (further) professionalization, while keeping the passion and positive energy that led to the establishment of the organisation. To that effect, the NFH Business Plan 2019 – 2022 was developed, discussed and adopted. Ten strategic priorities will guide the NFH operations in the coming years.

In the period 2019 – 2022 NFH will operate mainly in the following fields:

  • Joining minds for nature & health, contributing to social innovation and “surprising encounters’ (relevant for all geographical scales – from local to international);
  • Inspiring interface for dialogues and exchanges between science, policy, business & practitioners and volunteers, and local, regional, national and international initiatives on “nature for health”, allowing them to establish or improve communication and interaction; places of positive energy and social innovation;
  • Communities of practise and landing grounds for new local social innovation-initiatives and new multidisciplinary research on nature for health.

The four substance priority NFH themes for 2019-2022 are:

  • Healing & soothing environments
  • Dementia & green
  • Stress & green
  • Oncology & green
  • Mental health disorders & green
  • Healthy landscapes & public green
  • Gray & Youth for Green & Health
  • Health, nature & climate change

NFH will focus more on its forum function: The NFH Forum is a place of positive energy and social innovation, where ideas and expertise are exchanged and developed about initiatives that work in practise and that could inspire other initiatives to bloom and grow.

In 2019 a new institutional structure will be set in place, allowing NFH to implement its mission and business plan in the most effective and transparent way.

NFHrepresents an open community, and welcomes feedback in any form. We are open for change, because we want to be an agent of change ourselves. Nature never stays the same, nor do our lives, or societies. We enjoy meeting new people, sharing new visions and ideas, and entering into new journeys.

We love life.

We love people & nature to be ‘naturally healthy together’


Do you want to learn more about what we do and what we prioritise?

Please click here for the full version of the NFH business plan, or contact us via  info@nfhfoundation.com