17 February 2021, Tilburg / Berkel-Enschot, The Netherlands

We are used to being prescribed medication by the doctor. And sometimes rest or more exercise, or a diet prescription. But have we ever been prescribed the advice to get out into nature more? Probably not, at least not in The Netherlands. The organisation Nature For Health (NFH), in partnership with IVN, thinks it is high time that this will change and launches the initiative “Nature on Prescription – Discover the healthy power of nature” (in Dutch: Natuur op Recept).

Nature and health are inextricably linked. Scientific evidence for this link is growing by the day. Yet nature and healthcare are still two worlds that can work together much more closely, and in so doing  create added value. Partly for this reason, NFH has created the ‘Nature on Prescription’ website, which was  launched today. Please visit www.natuuroprecept.nl The launch of the website marks the start of the “Nature on Prescription – initiative.

Nature can play an important supporting role in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nature makes you feel happier, making it easier to engage in physical activities  outside.

The core idea of ​​’Nature on Prescription’ is therefore that healthcare professionals and social workers, including general practitioners and physiotherapists, more often advise their patients and clients to make contact with nature. People who want engage more with nature for their health without a referral can also visit the website. The “Nature on Prescription ” website provides information and tips for this and every organisation interested is invited to contribute to expand, improve and deepen the website. 

“Nature on Prescription” is receiving more and more attention, also internationally. Some countries are already incorporating Nature on Prescription into their healthcare system. The idea is therefore not new. Hippocrates is said to have already stated that: “it is nature that heals”. Most people also know the healthy effect of nature from their own experience. Polls show that more than 9 out of 10 Dutch people agree with the statement “a visit to nature gives me a good feeling”. At the same time, a visit to nature often gets lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A referral from the general practitioner or other healthcare professional can give just that little push in order to (continue to) seek out nature.

In these corona times we see a reappraisal of nature. It is important that we continue to acknowledge and experience the importance of nature for our health in the post-corona period. The “Nature on Prescription” website assists in this aim. 

Note to the editor: The Nature For Health (NFH) Foundation, founded in 2013, aims to improve the quality of life of people and nature by connecting health and nature. The foundation is a Dutch-based  non-profit organization. For contact: info@nfhfoundation.com or  0031(6)-53691866. Website: www.nfhfoundation.com. Website IVN: https://www.ivn.nl/