Berkel-Enschot, Amsterdam

Today, the Council of Nature For Health (NFH) has elected Sabine Pinedo as its president.

Board Executive Rob Wolters says on behalf of NFH: “We are very pleased with Sabine joining. She works in the heart of health care, is innovative and – most importantly – she is very interested in the well-being of people and nature, and the coherence between them. ”

Sabine is an internist, healthcare entrepreneur, keynote and TedX speaker. She is also active in prevention, positive lifestyle changes and (online) healthcare innovations. She is a co-founder and director of Vital10. Sabine is also a board member of the Ingeborg Douwes Foundation.

Sabine is innovative and always working on improving care and the form of treatment. Innovation, prevention, distance care and close care (“the doctor in your pocket”) are concepts that motivate her.

She is a forerunner in online patient care. She is (co-) owner and founder of a nationally operating (on-line) thrombosis service (, a nationally operating heart rehabilitation concept ( and a ZBC (hearts4people foundation) that is housed in the Arterium in Amsterdam.

Sabine Pinedo states as new NFH president: “In this role I hope to be able to establish a connection between the health and vitality of people and the health and vitality of nature. Healthy Me, Healthy You, Healthy Planet ”.


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