Do landscapes have healing properties? The answer to this question is affirmative. The healing value of the landscape has been valued and exploited for many centuries, for example through thermal baths and (other) spas.

Landscapes that invite you to recreate, move, walk, climb, or think about life and come closer to ourselves.

Every year during the summer or winter holidays, many millions of people experience the beneficial effects of being in contact with landscapes of all kinds. The coast and the mountain landscape are two popular examples.

Nature For Health wants to pay more attention to the healing power of landscapes and the European regions that advertise themselves with them.

There are several regions in Europe and elsewhere in the world that stand out or distinguish themselves through a mix of attractive or impressive landscapes and spas or other places of relaxation. They are so-called “therapeutic landscapes”.

Vulkaneifel HealthyRegion in Germany is a good example of a therapeutic landscape. The relationship between landscape, nature and health is central to the tourism promotion of the Vulkaneifel. Many services are offered based on the healing power of the landscape.

First of all NFH wants to get an overview of the `green healthy landscapes` and then we want to connect them in a learning network of ‘Green Destinations Healthy Regions’, related to nature, health and tourism. In addition, we also want to pay attention to (the development of) a network of green therapists/coaches, landscape therapists and landscape advisers.

You may know regions that promote themselves as “green and healthy”. Please pass them on to us or put them in contact with us!

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