Wednesday, August 7 2019, the NFH Strategy & Network Council met at our beautiful “green” office in Berkel-Enschot. We discussed recent developments, plans for the future, the new house style, the various projects in development, and the rapidly expanding “community”.

We welcomed Tjisse Brookman as a new member of the Council. Tjisse is an expert in the field of nature and health and has a large network in this area. It was also decided to set up the NFH Implementation Team, with core team members Rob Wolters, Jasperina Venema and Chantal Wuijster. The six NFH associates, who work closely with NFH, are also an essential part of the team. We expect that more involved people will join in the short term.

The Council also accepted an amendment to the articles of foundaton and the 2019-2020 work plan, which describes the priorities in terms of content issues, the forum function, communication and financing. The meeting ended with an informal get-together, where Joop van Hezik was thanked for his contribution to NFH at the time he was (the first) director of the foundation. Bert van Helvoirt, founding father of NFH, recalled the how and why of the founding at the time and said he was happy that NFH is “alive & kicking” and is entering a new phase with so much new impetus.