Now that hard work is being carried out for many weeks to curb the corona crisis, the question is increasingly being asked of how we can get our society going again. In other words, what will be the “rehabilitation process” like? And to what desired state are we working towards?

In our opinion this not only concerns economic rehabilitation, but especially also psychological rehabilitation. After all, measures such as “social distancing” and the fear for the virus itself also have a great impact on a psychological level.

More and more scientists and mental health experts are warning about the profound psychological effects of the corona pandemic, resulting in an even faster increase in the number of mental health problems.

Mental health is very important. In our heads the real change has to take place, that from “economy / money first” to “people and nature first”. We must leave behind the – literally unhealthy – society that exhausts people and nature. And we must start working on a society where the well-being and health of people and nature are paramount, in mutual connection, and in which the economy serves that purpose.

We will need nature more than ever.